Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been photographing Real Estate?

I am happy to say we are a proud Canadian company with over 15 years experience photographing & creating professional marketing materials for Real Estate Agents across the Greater Toronto Area & beyond.

What should I do to prepare the home for Photography?

Here is a checklist of preparations for best results:

  1. Clean & De-clutter rooms so they appear larger & more appealing.
  2. Make sure personal items like Wedding & family photos are removed.
  3. Make sure pets & their bowls, bedding etc. are temporarily removed so as not to show in photos.
  4. Finish any repairs before photo day.
  5. Exterior should be tidy and cars removed from the driveway.
Can I re-schedule if the weather is bad?

Absolutely, exterior photos are dependent on mother nature. We can always re-schedule at no additional cost to the next available day.

How long does it take to photograph a home ?

Generally 1 hour is ample time to do an entire home but much depends on the readiness & size of the home.

Your Videotours are advertised as Responsive, what does this mean?

Glad you asked! Responsive refers to the tours ability automatically fit any screen size on any device from a Desktop Computer to latest Smartphone.

Do I have to pay extra for Neighborhood or Condo Amenities photos?

In addition to the complete Interior & Exterior photos we include 4 free Neighborhood scenes and Condo Amenities when available at no extra charge. 

I want all my bochures to have the same customised look, how much do you charge?

Our competitors charge as much as $75 - $100 per hour. At Setup & Design for your brochures is absolutely FREE!

What do you need to create my Feature Sheet?

All you have to do is provide the text for your Feature Sheet. Most of our clients just email us the link to their listing & we do the rest!

What's the turn around time for Tours & Brochures?

Turn around times usually are 24 hrs. or less depending on how quickly we get the information needed to load or complete a project! If materials are printed in house please allow extra time for printing & delivery.

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